Calvary Baptist Community Center, under the sponsorship of Calvary Baptist Church, was established in 1972.  The organization is led by Rev. Dr. Albert P. Rowe, former Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, whose record of outstanding leadership in all areas of the Paterson community is well documented and has contributed to the success of the organization.  Calvary Baptist Community Center is driven by its mission and goals, which were established in 1973:

  • To provide a dynamic and compassionate Christian witness in the Paterson community in areas of housing, education, career guidance, vocational counseling and social services;
  • To cooperate ecumenically with responsible agencies with related goals to further human welfare;
  • To inform community groups of relevant information about social concerns;
  • To understand the corporate responsibility of the Church and community in working together to meet human need.

Calvary Baptist Community Center has an impressive his of service in the County of Passaic, particularly in the City of Paterson.  The Community Center operated a fully staffed Medical Community Center for ten (10) years.  Also, the organization constructed several townhouses in the City of Paterson’s 4th Ward, which remain occupied today.  In addition, Calvary Baptist Community Center operated an after school reading program for more than ten (10) years for one hundred (100) children.  The program was directed by a certified reading specialist in cooperation with several teachers from the Paterson Public School district.

Today, Calvary Baptist Community Center operates a pre-school, which is funded through Paterson Public Schools.  Approximately one hundred twenty (120) families utilize Calvary Baptist Community Center’s pre-school program throughout the year.  In addition, the Community Center operates a mentoring program for twenty-five (25) DYFS-referred youth between the ages of thirteen (13) and twenty-one (21).  The mentoring program is operated with five adult senior mentors who meet with their mentees on a weekly basis.  Through the program, the mentees are taught life skills and attend professional and career motivational and inspirational sessions.  Lastly, the Community Center operates a family resources program.  Through this program, Calvary Baptist Community Center was charged with recruiting, training and supporting fifteen (15) foster care homes on an annual basis.  Calvary Baptist Community Center also had the role of coordinating services between six (6) satellite church locations.  The Community Center has been awarded the number one ranking in the State of New Jersey for productivity in large part due to its support and retention for approximately thirty-six (36) homes.